Treasurer of the 40th Urios Board (2020-2021)

As treasurer you are responsible for the finances of the association. The task of the treasurer is to maintain the financial accounts, which means keeping track of the expenses and income of the association. It is your task to draw up a realistic and financially healthy annual budget for the board at the beginning of the year. Throughout the year, this annual budget is your starting point and after six months you will examine it and adjust it to what the current situation requires. During the academic year Urios organizes many activities. It is the task of the treasurer to draw up a budget for each activity together with the responsible board member. When organizing an event, you will have to check very closely whether the budget is being followed. You keep track of the finances through the accounting program Minipak. There is an auditing committee to which you are accountable for the expenses incurred by the association. Furthermore, it is your responsibility to make an annual balance sheet. Being a treasurer is sometimes challenging, but at the end very fulfilling! Interested in becoming Urios’ treasurer next year? Feel free to send an email with any question you might have to Certain you want to apply? Send your CV and a motivation letter to or apply by filling in the application form below! Don’t forget to motivate your application!