Symposium Commissioner of the 40th Urios Board (2020-2021)

Since September last year I am the proud symposium commissioner of the 39th board of Urios. These past six months have been one the most challenging months that I know in which I learned more than during my 4 years of study combined. But most of all, I had so much fun working together with my fellow board members and the symposium committee. 


I will try to describe how a board year as the symposium commissioner will be like. Next to the weekly meetings with the board and your committee, you will be doing research on a broad variety of public international and European law topics, reaching out to prominent people in the field. People like academics, diplomats, human rights activists, teachers and many more. You will also need to arrange the logistics of the event. Next to the practical aspects of organising a lecture or symposia you will be working on the promotion. My organisational, practical and marketing skills have improved a lot this year. 


Next to this I have learned a lot of soft skills. How do you function in a group? How do you perform as a committee leader? How do you motivate people? How do you convince someone to speak at your event? How do you deal with disappointments and tough decisions? All of this you will learn in a board year at Urios. 


What I must not forget to say, is that a board year is not all hard work. It is a year full of fun where you meet lots of new people, have good contacts with the University, drinks with other student associations. All together, it is a year that I would not want to miss!


If you have any further questions about the specific function of symposium commissioner or a board year in general, do not hesitate to contact me at If you already know that you are perfect for this function, apply by sending your CV and motivation letter to or by filling in the application form below! Don’t forget to motivate your application!

Best regards,


Roshi Flippo