Social work & Law projects across Africa

Contact person: Roel van Hout – Oprichter Lets Go Africa, +31645197822,


Sector: Internationale organisaties/NGO’s
Location: Cuijk, Netherlands

Relevant Education Social work, Law, Sociology, Education,
International Business, Languages, Pedagogy, Psychology, Speech therapy, Occupational
therapy, Physiotherapy, Entrepreneurial studies, Health care, Finance studies, Sports,
Sociology, Social Development, International Business, Human Resources, Management
Studies, Girl Empowerment, International Development, Marketing, Research

Type of Vacancy: Social work & Law projects all over Africa

Vacancy Example: Law & Human rights project, Tanzania

A unique opportunity to contribute towards the work of challenging injustice and inequality. You will work with a small local law firm providing advocacy legal aid to disadvantaged people, vulnerable women and children. Preparing them for court and helping them navigate complex legal issues. Help to prepare cases and provide assistance to the busy legal team and learn how they manage
their caseloads as well as champion justice along the way. (

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* Covid-19 policy

– Let’s Go Africa and our partners cannot give any guarantees for
internships or volunteer periods due to Covid-19 and are never liable for (non-refundable)
costs incurred.
– But we are very flexible regarding start dates; If the project period is not possible due to
Covid-19 restrictions, then we can shift all preparations to a later period! LGA and our
partners will not charge any additional costs for this shift.

There are many challenging Social work & Law projects within different type of organizations
all over Africa. All projects are ongoing and starting dates are flexible. Please see below the
options and send us an email for more detailed information.

Start date: 1 september 2020

End date: 31-12-2030

Amount of students: circa 10 in total

Organizational background:
1. Condomwise prevention project PEF, Uganda; aims to reduce HIV/STD’s infections,
suffering from unwanted pregnancies and empowers people within their sexual rights.

2. Get Up, Stand Up Women Empowerment, Uganda; strengthen vulnerable women, men
and children with mental and psychical skills to increase self-confidence and the feeling of

3. Empowering people with disabilities at GW, South Africa; strengthen and build the
capacity of the disabled so that they could become self-sustained and addressing the
individual, environmental and social factors.

4. Social Work & Business project in Cape Town, South Africa; restaurant where we train
people with special needs to become waiters, baristas, assistant chefs.

5. Youth protection & Girl Empowerment at GW, South Africa; works towards a caring and
safe environment for children to survive, be physically healthy, mentally alert, emotionally
secure, and socially competent and be able to learn.

6. Community Building/Girl Empowerment rural Ghana; advocates social change with girls
and communities for the equality of girls and the improvement of their education.

7. Child Labour and Trafficking project; strive to eliminate trafficking through education,
rehabilitation, and community empowerment.

8. Social Work project Mauritius; working with the not so well off, important to speak French.

9. Commercial and international Law project Mauritius; international/commercial law students
assisting the Senior Associates in Law Company.

10. International Law Comparison Research on Children’s rights Ghana; situation of children
in development countries and combination of unique practical approach with Law theories.

11. Junior Legal/Paralegal Cape Town, South Africa; offers fascinating real world experience
with the opportunity for growth in Law and the student life.

Vacancy Description:



Vacancy requirements:

Different requirements for each project

Fully Self-funded (Mauritius offers reimbursements), however we do encourage
fundraising or crowdfunding

Passionate and capable in their field

Able to adapt to different work environments and changing situations in Africa

Enthusiasm for travel and open minded attitude


Excellent teamwork and people skills

Proactive and takes initiative

What can you expect from us?
Supervision: assigned Mentor on at least Bachelor level
Let’s Go Africa intern/volunteer packages include:

Suitable project with project description according to all criteria

Pre-departure introduction & safety meeting

Visa application (and extension) assistance + flight booking and transport advice

Accommodation arrangements (for some countries acc. cost and meals in package)

Airport pick up

Potential of monthly study reimbursement (Mauritius only)

In-country introduction regarding country, project and your role

Experienced and qualified supervisor and contact person constantly available

Support and guidance from the moment of registration until return back home

Interaction with local community and experiencing the local culture

Country information brochure

Informal feedback session & LGA certificate (proof of participation)