Chair of the 40th Urios Board (2020-2021)

This year I, Tjerk Bijlsma, had and still have the big honour of being the chair of the 39th board of Urios. 

The Chair of the board is responsible for chairing all internal and external affairs within the Urios board. You also have the final responsibility within the board. This does not mean that you’re the boss, but that you ensure that everyone fulfills their duties and function properly.

Other responsibilities, such as the Alumni Event, NGO fair, Working at the Ministries, UJIEL (Utrecht Journal of International and European Law) and supervising the Career Programs of the Masters European Law and Public International Law also belong within the ‘job package’ of the Chair.

Do you have the skills, such as leadership, flexibility, teamwork and mediating? And do you want to board this amazing organisation during a unique lustrum year? Then we are looking for you!

If you have any other questions about the function and the work of a chair, you can contact me by sending an email to and addressing it to myself: ‘Tjerk Bijlsma’. To apply for this, or another board position by emailing your CV and a motivation letter to or by filling in the application form below. Don’t forget to motivate your application!