Activities Committee

The Activities Committee organizes most of the formal and social activities Urios has to offer. The formal
activities include visits to different courts, European and international institutions and so forth. Social
activities such as the member drinks are also a part of the portfolio of the Activities Committee of Urios!

Furthermore, the Activities Committee organizes the Short Trip and the Big Trip. The Short Trip is a trip
to European institutions which usually takes place in Brussels, Luxembourg or Strasbourg.

The Big Trip is a trip to a non-European country. During the Big Trip we will learn more about the culture
of the country in question, as well as their judicial system. The Big Trip consists of a combination of
formal events and social events such as sightseeing. Urios has been to India, Japan and Iran already!

The Activities Committee also organizes activities with other student associations and study
associations, for instance a Gala and the Legal English Course. It is up for the committee to decide what they want to do each year!

Are you interested in becoming a committee member and organizing some of Urios’ activities? Don’t hesitate to
sign up for the Activities Committee 2020-2021 by sending your CV and motivation letter to We look forward to meeting you!