Utrecht Journal of International and European Law

Utrecht Journal of International and European Law (previously Merkourios) is an Open Access, peer-reviewed, student-led law journal, focusing on international and European law.

This Journal was previously published as Merkourios: Utrecht Journal of International and European Law (ISSN: 0927-460x, Vol 26 – 29). Merkourios was founded in 1981. As the student magazine, which it was at that time, Merkourios contained summaries of study-trips, conferences and other issues related to Urios, the study association for International and European Law. Over the following years, until 2009, Merkourios was published 70 times. During these years Merkourios evolved from a student magazine into a formal law Journal run by members of Urios. In 2009, the evolution into a professional law Journal was finalised when a group of referees were introduced to peer-review the articles published in Merkourios. From Vol. 30 (2014) the Journal is published under the title Utrecht Journal of International and European Law.

The Journal publishes one General Issue and one Special Issue per year. General Issues consist of articles on a wide array of topics within the fields of International and European Law and Special Issues focus on one particular topic. In the past, we published Special Issues focused on, among others, intellectual property, environmental law, migration law, and corporate social responsibility.

The Journal is now run by an independent Board of Editors consisting of Desiree van Iersel (Editor-in-Chief), Carlos Gabriel Ramaglia Mota (Deputy Editor-in-Chief), Matilda Radoš (Communications Officer), Thom Snijders, Tamara Frunse, Lucia van der Meulen, Sara Calles Gómez, Amy Maton, Bruna Da Silva Navarro Lins and Klea Vyshka (Executive Editors).

To read the Journal, please go to: https://utrechtjournal.org/