Throwback: Visit to Allen & Overy

Before the Christmas break, on December 12th, we visited the law firm Allen & Overy in amsterdam. Upon arrival we we kindly welcomed by their recruiter Esmee, who showed us the way in the beautiful building. After receiving something to drink, we sat down in a meeting room on the eigth floor of the building with a tremendous view. In there, three lawyers from the competition law section gave us a presentation on their field of law. This presentation was very interesting as the lawyers told us lively stories about real cases, something you simply do not get from university lectures. With every part of the presentation, all three of them had a funny and engaging anecdote to tell. This helped to get a clear view of what it would be like to work as a lawyer in the competition law field, more precisely at Allen & Overy.

During this presentation Esmee handed us some cards on which we wrote down questions anonymously. At the end we did some form of “College Tour”, wherein Esmee posed our anonymously asked questions to the lawyers and they answered all of them. It was nice to see them answering the questions truthfully and in a serious yet casual manner. Our questions handled almost every aspect of working at Allen & Overy.

Afther the “College Tour” it was time for some drinks and a snack. This was very nice because several more employees/lawyers joined us for these drinks, with whom we could talk and learn more about Allen & Overy. We had the opportunity to ask questions about the culture at the firm, the possibility of internships or to just have laugh with them.

Lastly we went home, having asked all our questions, with a nice goode bag from Allen & Overy and a good insight into their competition law practice. We can look back at a very informative and pleasant afternoon and would like to thank Allen & Overy for welcoming us into their office and telling us more about what they do.

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