Throwback: NGO & Social Enterprise Fair

On thursday the 14th of May, the first ever online NGO-fair took place. Orginally the fair was supposed to take place ‘in real life’ but due to the Covid-19 crisis, other plans had to be made. Luckily both the NGO’s and the participants were flexible enough to switch to an online enviroment and we can say the event was a success!

The Fair started with a speech by Eduard Nazarski, the former Director of Amnesty International. He, among other things, talked about the future of NGO’s (this also in the light of the Covid crisis), about his own career and answered several questions that participants asked using Microsoft Teams.

After the general start, the participants were divided into two rounds of workshops, based on their preferance. It was possible to follow workshops from Just Diggit, The Fair Climate Fund, Pax for Peace, Move, and Young and Fair. So there was plenty to choose from and the participants enjoyed the possibility to discuss what it is like working at an NGO and/or what the specific NGO does.

For next year we hope to bring the NGO & Social Enterprise Fair back to all its ‘real life’ glory, but of course we will have to wait and see whether that will be possible. If not, we will not hesitate to organise another digital version of the even, following this years’ success.

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