Throwback: Digital Lecture Bird & Bird

In collaboration with our long term partner international law firm Bird & Bird, Urios organised its first digital lecture on the 6th of May. Due to the restrictions following the corona crisis, we were not able to visit their The Hague office, so we had to come up with an alternative.

The alternative was a digital lecture provided by mr. Olaf Trojan. Mr. Trojan is a partner at Bird & Bird’ TIME section, which is one of the biggest and most specialised sections in the Netherlands in the fields of Telecommunication, IT and Media.

The digital lecture could not have been more relevant since it was on fake news and content on the internet – including content about the Covid-19 virus. It was an extremely interesting lecture provided by an expert in these fields of law. One of the topics addressed in the lecture was the liability of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for news/information posted on their platform and the recent case law on the matter.

We thank mr. Trojan and Bird & Bird for this lecture and we look forward to our collaboration with Bird & Bird during next academic year!

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