Committee of recommendation

Prof. Mr. F.H.J.J. Andriessen
Extraordinary Professor of European Law and Professor European Integration, Utrecht University, Former Minister of Finance, Former member of the European Commission

Mr. H. van den Broek
President of the Board of Governors of the Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael and Minister of State since 2005.

Mw. Prof. dr. D.M. Curtin
Professor at the Utrecht School of Administrative and Organisational Sciences

Prof. mr. P. van Dijk
Member of the Council of State of the Netherlands

Prof. mr. A.F.M. Dorresteijn
Professor of international company law and former Dean of the Law Faculty, Utrecht University

Dr. G. Faber
Senior Lecturer-researcher Utrecht School of Economics

Prof. dr. mr. C. Flinterman
Professor of Human Rights, Utrecht University, Member of the UN Women’s Convention Committee

Prof. dr. W.H. Gispen
Former Rector Magnificus of Utrecht University

Prof. dr. L.W. Gormley
Professor of European Law, University of Groningen

Former Professor of the Law of International Organisations, Utrecht University, Former Judge at the European Court of Justice

Mr. B.F. Keulen
Lawyer at law firm Van Benthem & Keulen

Prof. mr. G.J. Knoops
Professor of (International) Criminal Law, Utrecht University and International Criminal Law lawyer

Judge P.H. Kooijmans
Minister of State, Former Judge at the International Court of Justice, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Former Professor of International Public Law and European Community Law at the Free University of Amsterdam, and Former Professor International Public Law at the University of Leiden

Mr. V. Koppe
International Law and Human Rights lawyer at law firm Böhler Franken Koppe Wijngaarden.

Prof. mr. K.J.M. Mortelmans
Member of the Council of State of the Netherlands, Former Professor of Economic Public Law, Utrecht University

Prof. dr. C.G. Roelofsen
Extraordinary Professor of History of the Law of Nations, Utrecht University

Mw. mr. Y.C.M.Th. van Rooy
President of the Board of Governors of Utrecht University

Prof. mr. A.H.A. Soons
Professor of International Public Law, Utrecht University, Director of the Netherlands Institute of the Law of the Sea

Mr. B. Staal
Former Commissioner of the Queens of the Province of Utrecht

Dr. mr. B. Stapert
Chairman of Amnesty International and lawyer at law firm Böhler Franken Koppe Wijngaarden.