Activities Committee

The Activities Committee organizes most of the formal and social activities Urios has to offer. The formal activities include visits to different courts, European and international institutions and so forth. Social activities such as the member drinks are also a part of the portfolio of the Activities Committee of Urios!

Furthermore, the Activities Committee organizes the Short Trip and the Big Trip. The Short Trip is a trip to European institutions which usually takes place in Brussels, Luxembourg or Strasbourg. The Big Trip is a trip to a non-European country. During the Big Trip we will learn more about the culture of the country in question, as well as their judicial system. The Big Trip consists of a combination of formal events and social events such as sightseeing. Urios has been to India, Japan and Iran already!

The Activities Committee also organizes activities with other student associations and study associations, for instance a Gala and the Legal English Course. It is up for the committee to decide what they want to do each year!

Activities Committee 2023-2024:

Chiara Herngreen, Sofia Ivanova, Yanis Afelkay, Fee Wever, Juul Alonso Drenth.



Career Event Committee

The Career Event is THE place to be for bachelor- and masterstudents alike to look into the possibilities politics, European- and International law have to offer. Unlike a lot of career events, Urios does not only invite law firms but institutions and organizations as well. This way, students are not limited to establish a career in law only. We recognize that supra- and international relations are much broader than that and therefore adapt to the needs of our students. Some of the law firms, institutions and organizations we’ve had until now include the Representation of the European Commission, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the US Embassy, the Human Rights Watch, Van Hasselt Law and certain lobby firms.

As a member of the Career Event committee you will be hosting this event, making sure that the students get a clear image of their career possibilities after their studies. For that, we’re going to need a location; as many organizations, institutions and firms as we can get; clear and attractive promotions to our students and an assertive and optimistic attitude! Furthermore, this event is also very useful to the firms and institutions to see what Utrecht University students are made of. The connection we’re trying to establish is usually made through several workshops, presentations and interactive settings such as a drink or dinner over the course of the day(s).

Hope you will join us coming year!

Career Event Committee 2023-2024

Atilla Alkan, Perla Gioannini, Dmytro Cherneha, Levi van Gils.



Model United Nations Committee

As member of the Model United Nations Committee you are in charge of organizing Urios’ own URUMUN. Furthermore, the committee organizes trips to other conferences at other great places in and around Europe, which last year included Münich. Joining the committee will enhance many of your debating, organizational, networking and speaking skills. The conferences often include a formal portion as well as many social events during which you get to know many students from around the world.

Model United Nations Committee 2023-2024:

Rick van der Hoek, Iris Oerlemans, Markan Morandet, Thomas Gray.



Symposium Committee

Urios’ Symposium committee organizes various interesting lectures and symposia every year. These lectures and symposia can be about different current topics in the field of international and European law. The committee searches for an interesting topic, the best speakers, and the perfect location. Previous years, we have organized symposia on Cryptocurrency, Brexit, the Israel-Palestine conflict, and as a highlight one with the US ambassador to the Netherlands!

Symposium Committee 2023-2024:

Dina Mellah, Anna-Marie Ritter, Dinah Tayem.