“The United Nations Security Council and the maintenance of peace and international security”

By: Béni Josian BOBANGA WAWA

Born from the rubble of the Second World War; following the failure of the League of
Nations, which was unable to prevent this tragedy, and in order to save future generations
from the scourge of war which twice in the space of a human life has inflicted humanity of
untold suffering, the United Nations has given itself the principal mission of guaranteeing the
maintenance of peace and security in the world.

To achieve this – this mission is at the heart of its mandate – it has established the Security
Council, a body provided with the necessary means to, yet proportionate to, achieving this
mission. Central to this article is an analysis, from a theoretical and legal point of view, of the
means available to the Security Council in its mission of maintaining peace and international
security on the one hand (1) and the implementation of its powers and the difficulties it
encounters on the other hand (2).

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