22 April 2022 , Utrecht


[Currently there are no spots available, please contact us if you want us to let you know when a spot gets available]

The URUMUN committee is busy organizing the Urios Model United Nations which will be held from April the 22nd till the 24th of April.

What is URUMUN?
URUMUN is the Urios-organized Model United Nations, or MUN for short. MUN’s are international debating conferences where we emulate a real United Nations conference. Each participant takes on the position of a delegate from a specified country, and debates on resolutions to solve specific issues within a committee.

An MUN is an insanely fun combination of interesting debate and social contact with fellow delegates. It provides a training ground for public speaking, argumentation with others and coming to compromises with opposing parties, all skills which are of great value in a corporate life.

For more information visit the URUMUN website!

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