Urios Walking Tour
30 April 2021 , Utrecht

Urios Walking Tour

On Friday the 30th of April, the Activities Committee will organize a physical and interactive walking tour in the grounds around Fort Rijnauwen. Every 15 minutes, the participants will set off from a location near the science park of the UU. Due to corona restrictions, you’ll be walking 1 on 1 down a set path. During the walk you’ll be able to listen to sections of an audio tour regarding the locations you are at, about the fort and the surrounding places. And you will compete indirectly with other walking pairs through trying to answer quiz questions, from which a winner will be crowned at the end of the day. During the walk snacks and drinks will be provided at a preset location.
Want to join? Sign up via the following link: https://forms.gle/ruXaZuvaSdsJ5xLL7

Event info

Datum30 April 2021
OrganisatorActivities Committee
TimeBetween 1 PM - 5 PM