Pub lecture: North Korea
17 December 2018 , Utrecht

Pub lecture: North Korea

North Korea manages to get in the news almost every week. Last week they blew up some of their own guard towers, the week before it was the testing of a high-tech weapon and the international relations with the United States are also a big news source. Therefore, we decided to organize a lecture
about this county!

There is plenty to tell and room for discussion, so we decided to organize this lecture in a Café. Get yourself a drink and listen to what our speakers have to tell!

The speakers of this event will be:

Koen de Ceuster, he is a lecturer in Korean Studies at the Leiden University. He will give you an insight in the current internal situation of North Korea.

David Criekemans, he is an Associate Professor in International Politics at the University of Antwerp. He will be talking about the current external situation of North Korea.

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Event info

AddressCafé Domkop, Loeff Berchmakerstraat 34
Datum17 December 2018
OrganisatorSymposium Committee
Time19:15 - 21:00