Pleading Workshop
12 October 2021 , Utrecht

Pleading Workshop

Time to dust off your moot court skills! In preparation for the exam moot courts for the Law bachelor course European Law, Urios and Pleitgenootschap Eggens will organize two practice moot courts (12 and 14 October). During these workshops, a lawyer will talk about their own pleading experiences. After that, you will plead in teams in a moot court where the lawyer will be the judge. Based on your pleadings, the lawyer will give you feedback, tips and tricks.

The workshops are not related to each other. Which means you only have to pick one date. We cannot guarantee the selected day, but we will take your preference into account.

12th October: Accompanied by Pauline Burger of Sprengers Advocaten. This case will be about the free movement of services and citizenship in Europe.

14th October: Accompanied by Anjo Hekman of AHL Advocaten. This case will be about (EU) migration law.

We will send the case before the pleading, so that you can prepare it.

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Event info

AddressJanskerkhof 2-3
Datum12 October 2021
Time7:15 PM