Lustrum Symposium
04 March 2021 , Utrecht

Lustrum Symposium

We are excited to announce the theme of our Lustrum Symposium: The Democratic Legitimacy of the European Union!

The democratic legitimacy, or lack therof, of European Union institutions has been a topic of debate for many years. An Eurobarometer report from 2018 shows that on average 49% of Europeans are satisfied with the democratic legitimacy of the EU. We are all very aware of eurosceptici and nationalist or protectionist sentiments, however these ideals never materialized all that much until the Brexit referendum. In the Netherlands the debate has recently been revived by an item on the Dutch televisionshow Zondag met Lubach, criticizing the disconnection between European citizens and European politics. He blames this on the lack of one lingua franca in the European Parliament and the lack of the press and media coverage of EU politics.

During our online event we want to give an introductory overview of the evolution of (the competences) of the EU over time. We will highlight the change in sentiment towards EU politics. For this we will look at amongst others the main factors that led to the result of the Brexit referendum. Furthermore, we will analyse the developments in the Netherlands that influence the public’s opinion of the EU. Lastly we will envisage several proposals or changes to increase the democratic legitimacy of the EU and increase the connection between citizens and politicians on a supranational level.

Our Lustrum Symposium will take place online, on Thursday the 4th of March! Registrations will open soon, so stay tuned!

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