Lecture Israeli-Palestinian conflict
24 October 2023 , Utrecht

Lecture Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Lecture Israeli-Palestinian conflict

On October 24, Urios invites you to embark on a captivating journey into the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This conflict, steeped in history and loaded with politics, revolves around more than just land and sovereignty; it is a struggle deeply rooted in territorial, historical, and cultural issues. Both Israelis and Palestinians share a profound connection to the disputed area, adding layers of complexity and nuance to the situation.

Recent significant developments in the conflict have garnered significant attention in the media. Although this conflict has persisted for decades, it remains as relevant and pressing as ever today.

The upcoming lecture promises to be an engaging and informative gathering.

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*We look forward to sharing more details about guest speakers soon.* 

We hope to welcome and see you on October 24!

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AddressDrift 21
Datum24 October 2023