Dom Tower tour & drinks
16 March 2022 , Utrecht

Dom Tower tour & drinks

💙Dom Tower tour & drinks💙

To celebrate our Dies week, we would like to invite you to climb the Dom Tower with us on Wednesday 16 March! As well as getting a lovely view of our city, we will grab a few drinks at Lebowski right after. The event will start at 1:15 PM (13:15) with a tour of the Dom Tower after which we made a reservation at 3:00 PM (15:00) to grab some drinks at Lebowski. The costs of the tour will be on us and the first drink is also on Urios! We hope to see you there.

If you are interested in joining the event sign up through this link!

We hope to see you there 💙

Event info

AddressDomplein 9
Datum16 March 2022