60th General Assembly
07 September 2020 , Utrecht

60th General Assembly

On Monday the 7th of September Urios’ 60th General Assembly will take place during which the 40th Board will be installed. Due to regulations and policies in effect it is not yet sure whether or not this 60th General Assembly will take place in a physical or digital form. We strive to organise the General Assembly in a physical form, which means that until further notice the General Assembly will be held at Janskerkhof 2-3a room 0.13.

Members who wish to be present during the General Assembly will have to register for this event to prevent too many members attending, meaning we would have to deny them entry to uphold the COVID-19 measurs. If more members indicate they want to be present than room 0.13 can accomodate under these new rules a digital alternative will be offered and communicated in due time. Register for the General Assembly below! (Members who do not have an account can register as a ‘non-member’ by providing their contact information, or create an account by sending an e-mail to board@urios.org requesting that an account is made for them). Members who have not indicated they want to attend e.g. registered for the General Assembly could be refused entry if necessary.

Hoping to see you on the 7th of September!

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Event info

AddressJanskerkhof 2-3a, room 0.13
Datum07 September 2020
Time7:15PM - 9PM